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VQC Management Consultant Pvt Ltd. is one of the best quality process ISO certification consulting companies with clients all around India announced as successful completion of Integrated Management System.
Our experience, skills, and well-motivated management are dedicated to providing the most efficient, cost-effective, on-time single window Quality services to our client base in India. Besides this, our certification efficiently works with clients and help them optimize their resources and implement necessary improvements in their infrastructure facilities, the management system that meets the Quality standards of prestigious certifications.

We guide and facilitate organizations to define, document, implement and continually improve their working systems based on Quality principles and International standards VQC is intended to provide a basis for a common understanding of the activities related to validation of test methods. As VQC our vision is to maintain and reinforce a leadership position in the major certification markets worldwide, ensuring that Prime creates value for customers, and employees. Validation is defined as confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that in terms of particular requirements. Our strategy is to differentiate an efficient provider of training services to existing and new customers, at their expected level of quality, service and added value.

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System

ISO 27001 – Information Security System

ISO 14001:2015


How we Work

Our strategy is to differentiate an efficient provider of training services to existing and new customers, at their expected level of quality, service and added value. Ever wondered how an organization can improve competitiveness and business performance across processes and units of the organization… Do you look for a proven tool that will help the management and decision-makers exercise better control to achieve path-breaking results in this kind of dynamic business environment…

How often do you try to search for a business excellence solution that can be implemented with ease resulting in effective implementation across the organization…? If answers to the above statements are yes or always, you need to implement one or more of the available ISO standards in your organization to achieve the desired result and a corporate goal. Once the organization has implemented the ISO standard, they need to get in touch with a certification body of preference in India to get the iso certificate and prove compliance with the ISO standard. There are various ISO certification bodies operating in and around various parts of the world. Depending on the specific requirements of the client organization, if required we will assist our client organizations to select the most suitable and optimum ISO certification body. An organization going for the first time for ISO certification will have various questions like what is ISO certificate, what are the requirements of ISO certificate, how to get ISO certificate, how to contact iso certification body, where to download iso standards for ISO certificate, how to apply for ISO certificate, cost of ISO certification, the time required for ISO certification, charges for ISO certification, etc. we offer free no obligation assistance to the organizations for these pre-sales questions to help you make an informed decision. We as VQC help an organization implement a formal ISO standard management system in place and realize the true benefits of the PDCA cycle. .

ISO Certification Process

Getting ISO Certified involves few processes like Pre-Assessment, different Levels of Audit, and as listed here: .

Submit Application to be Reviewed by Registrar

Determination of Pre-assessment Needs & Devise Action Plan

Onsite Inspection followed by Final Audit

Get ISO Certification post all Formalities